About Groutmasters

"Until now re-tiling has been your only option, but now GroutMasters can offer you so much more! GroutMasters highly recommends our unique colour seal process, which is actually the re-colouring and sealing of your existing grout.

There are so many wonderful advantages including maximizing the protection of your grout, the beauty of your grout and durability of that beauty, ease of maintenance and more.

You can change the appearance of your decor or just make your existing tile look completely New!"

Choose any colour lighter or darker... !!

  • Locks in colour, seals out dirt!
  • Our unique colour seal process is very durable, designed to protect & highlight your Grout.
  • Colour seal is water repellent and long wearing.
  • No more scrubbing at dirty unsanitary grout.
  • Makes your grout uniform and like new in appearance in one easy step!

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Important Tip:

The preparation of the grout is vital to get the desired results. GroutMasters has over 9 years experience in properly preparing the surface and in the application of this top quality product which is designed to last for many years.